Excel & Doc Popup (Monthly)


-Powershell 1&2: Mutiple links work on (win7 to win10) 32&64.
-Powershell 3&4&5&6: Mutiple links work on (Win8 to Win10) Or (only Win10) 32&64.
-MSI : One link work on (all Windows) both win 32&64 Only with MSI files.
-Custom Command :Add Custom Command to exploit.
-Doc popup.
-Number OF popups on Doc popup.
-Bypass Protective View.
-Tested on Office 2007 , 2010 , 2013 , 2016.
–Compatible with All Rats (Exe rats , Java Rats , Vbs Rats , … etc ).
-Compatible with .net and Native.
-Generate unlimited exploits.
-you can upload your exe as jpg or doc or any thing.
-Three Different Extensions xls and two others.
-Very light on run.
-Many Paths.
-Start on system startup.
-Add fake error message.
-Encryption Randomization.
-Monthly plan.



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